The King's Heralds at Highland Adventist Church, 10-24-2020

Godlisten Timothy
Godlisten Timothy
09 Apr 2021

The King's Heralds Quartet sings at Highland SDA Church (in Tennessee) for Sabbath worship service on Oct. 24, 2020.
00:00 Sing Me A Song About Jesus
03:15 If You Know The Lord
07:32 A New Name In Glory
10:01 Spirit of God Descend Upon My Heart
12:47 I'm Telling The World About His Love
15:51 Introduction
21:27 My Heart Is Happy
24:01 I'll Leave It All Behind
27:51 Give Me A Vision
31:00 Call for an Offering
38:49 What A Precious Friend Is He
42:36 O Holy Night
49:34 Satisfied

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