666 and the Mark of the Beast - REVEALED!

Darrell Beaudoin
Darrell Beaudoin
30 Jun 2021

All the prophetic elements are now being set in place for the implimentation of the Mark of the Beast. God's urgent warning is more relevant than ever, to "Worship God and keep His commandments".
This presentation will open your eyes to the Amazing Facts of Bible Prophecy.
Truth will set you Free!

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Les Miller
Les Miller 18 days ago

I've thought for years that the rock hitting Goliath's forehead symbolizes the preaching of the gospel to the world. Jesus is the rock of course, and the frontal lobe is where we make choices. So in line with Acts 17:30 "Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent," we see the Lord's patience with those outside the realm of His people when they have no chance to know the truth. But He does give chances and works in everyone's lives. This process played out over the centuries. As the colonial powers spread out over the world, conditions were then created whereby missionaries could go out with the gospel.

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